GFP / mCherry nano agarose or magnetic beads

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The latest research and development of Diane biology GFP and mCherry nanogel / magnetic bead products Using advanced superparamagnetic beads or gels, Compared with the traditional mouse IgG monoclonal antibody, the covalently coupled high-quality Alpaca nano antibody (VHH) has higher titer and stronger protein binding ability, and has a series of advantages, such as small molecular weight (15kDa), strong stability (still stable at 70 ℃), high affinity (high specificity binding target protein), no light chain and heavy chain interference of ordinary mouse monoclonal antibody.
This series of products are mainly used for IP, CO IP RNA IP (RIP) and chip and other functional experiments. According to the use habits of different researchers, there are two experimental methods: gel method and magnetic bead method. The gel method has high load, strong enrichment ability, and magnetic bead method does not need centrifugation, which can be called immune precipitation of scientific researchers (IP / CoIP) and mass spectrometry (MS). It is committed to solving the complicated and complicated basic scientific experiment problems of scientific researchers within one hour

图片Results of protein purification图片

Enrichment, purification and elution of GFP fusion protein in E.coli lysate by GFP nanogel (product No.: ip0057s)


图片IP results of GFP nanogel图片

When the input protein was weakly expressed, GFP gel (product number: ip0057s) could enrich the target protein and enhance the IP signal. WB detection was performed by Daian biological GFP mouse monoclonal antibody (product No.: 2057)

图片 IP results of mCherry nanogel图片

When the expression of input protein was very weak, the mCherry gel (product No.: ip0099s) could still enrich the target protein and display the specific IP signal. WB detection was performed with the polyclonal antibody against mCherry rabbit (product No.: 3099)

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