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Antibody pairs are widely used in protein quantification, especially in Sandwich ELISA, chemiluminescence and immunochromatography assays. The R&D team of Dia-an has years of experience in the development of monoclonal antibodies and ELISA kits, and is dedicated to providing reliable antibody pairing service.


Our service features:


  • advanced and mature monoclonal antibody technology platform;
  • a variety of antigen preparation technology platforms to increase the success rate of pairing;
  • 5 ~ 20 high affinity cell lines can be obtained, and finally 1 ~ 2 groups of antibody pairs can be provided


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Monoclonal antibody preparation

1-2 weeks





Antibody Pairing

4 weeks

Kits preparation

4 weeks



    Case Studies

                            Zebra Fish Growth Hormone (GH) ELISA Kit

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