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Post-translational modification, especially phosphorylation of proteins critical for the biological function of proteins,It plays an important role in  in regulatory mechanisms of life phenomena such as signaling, cell cycle, proliferation, metabolism, growth & development and cancer mechanisms. Dia-an provides site-specific antibody customization service.The prepared modified site-specific antibody does not recognize non modified antigen, has high specificity and sensitivity,

A variety of modified antibody services are available, including:


  • phosphorylation modified specific antibody
  • methylation modified specific antibody
  • acetylation modified specific antibody
  • succinylation modified specific antibody
  • specific antibodies modified by ubiquitination
  • specific antibodies modified by palmitic acid


Our advantages:



  • Analysis of antigen sequence, with help of professional software to design antigen, combined with literature, comprehensively select immunogen sequence, FOR FREE 
  •   P rovide high-quality peptide antigen,  the purity is  > 90% 
  •   coupling protocol is selected from a variety of carrier proteins and coupling methods, and the coupling rate is > 80%
  • Immunize 4 rabbits (to avoid the difference of immune effect caused by animal differences), 2 rabbits with high titer are preferred for purification  




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Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing

Antigen analysis & design

The immunogenicity, hydrophilicity and homology of the protein were analyzed to select the appropriate specific sequence 2 days Analyisis Report




Immunogen Preparation

phospho-peptide synthetizations and coupling with KLH, for immunization and affinity purification

2-4 weeks 1mg peptide sample

non-phospho peptide synthetizations and coupling with BSA, for affinity adsorption

Immunization and titer test

immunize 4 rabbits 

• Standard immune schedule includes 5 immunization

• indirect ELISA test

9 weeks

•30 ml Anti-serum from 1 rabbits

ELISA titer against phospho and non-phospho peptide

Antibody purification

• phospho-peptide affinity purification

non-phospho peptide affinity adsorption

2 week 5-10 mg antibodies per 10ml anti-serum
Titer test antibody titer test against phospho and non-phospho peptide 2 days ELISA titer against phospho and non-phospho peptide
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  Cited Publicaitons(Partial)


Anatural DNMT1 mutation elevates the fetal hemoglobin level via epigeneticderepression of the γ-globin gene in β-thalassemia

Blood:March 25th, 2021

DNMT1 S878 phospho antibody was prepared by Dia-an Biotechnology

Fructose-1, 6-bisphosphatase 1 interacts with NF-κB p65 to regulate breast tumorigenesis via PIM2 induced phosphorylation

Theranostics: Oct 19th,2020

FBP1 S144 phospho antibody was prepared Dia-an Biotechnology


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