About us

Wuhan Dia-An Biotechnology Co., Ltd, focuses on research and development of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagents and key raw materials. We have successfully set up pipeline from the key raw material to the IVD reagents development, built the platform from the raw material to diagnostic reagents development to enlarged production.

We also provide one-stop custom antibody services, including:


(1) Custom Antibody Service


Research and development of polyclonal antibody from various species, rabbit monoclonal antibody, mouse monoclonal antibody, rat monoclonal antibody, nanobody and single chain antibody; A complete technical platform has been established for hybridoma, heterologous hybridoma, single B cell isolation and culture, phage display and so on; The field covers neutralizing antibody, virus subtype identification antibody, microorganism monoclonal antibody, vaccine detection antibody, drug screening antibody, pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics (PK/PD)monoclonal antibody pair, humanized antibody, etc. We have successfully provided such services for several listed companies and state key laboratories.


(2) Protein expression and peptide synthesis services


Mammalian cells and prokaryotic expression platform, various peptide synthesis services can be provided.


(3) Antibody related extension services

Antibody pairing, ELISA Kit development, antibody sequencing, antibody humanization, recombinant antibody expression, etc.

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