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Proteins, peptides or small molecules can be used as immunogens for our immunization service. New rapid adjuvant and an optimized verified immune schedule are engaged. Cusomers can also choose special immune schedule as they required. Dia-an has completed immunization and purification of 1000 + antigens every year. With rich experience and high titer (more than 90% of rabbit antiserum titer reach 1:1,000,000), we got a good reputation. 


Our advantages:

  • Multiple immune hosts, including rabbits, rats, mice, goats, sheep. Guinean pig and alpaca, et al.
  • Independently developed adjuvants to ensure high titer
  • Standard immune schedule includes 5 immunization. The rabbit antibody titer can reach 1:160000 and the mouse antibody can reach more than 1:64000.
  • Related servces such as immunogen preparation and antibody purification available.


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Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing

Standard immune schedule includes 5 immunization

8-10 weeks

• 60 ml Anti-serum from 2 rabbits






Titer test

• indirect ELISA test

1 week

ELISA titer

Antibody purification

• Antigen affinity purification

1 week 5-10 mg antibodies per 10ml anti-serum



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