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 Hybridoma sequencing  protects valuable antibodies from mutation or loss, and enab les antibody e ngineering and recombinant expression. We have  sequenced 500+ hybridomas for customers. We can not only provide the antibody sequencing service, but also the recombinant antibody expression service after sequencing to ensure the accuracy.


Our advantages:


  • Fast, complete, accurate and highly reliable sequencing results to ensure the confidentiality
  • Other recombinant antibody related services, including recombinant antibody expression, antibody humanization, etc
  • The sequencing service is applicable for hybridoma cell lines from most rodent species and antibody isotypes.
  • Highly versatile sequencing services to reveal both variable region and full-length antibody protein sequences.
  • One-stop service from mRNA extraction to sequence determination as well as antibody format conversion.



  Service Details




Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing

1. hybridoma cell

2. subtype and source

• RNA extraction

1 day

• V-region sequence of  heavy and light chain






1 day

• PCR amplification

1 day

• Sequencing

1 week
Vector Construction (Optional) 1 week




trizol-treated cells are easier to ship. The protocol is: 

Blow the cultured cells with the medium, the number of cells is  more than 1×106 .  and the cells should be in good growth condition.

The cells were harvested, centrifuged, and the supernatant was discarded. According to the amount of cells, 1-2mL Trizol was added (1×106 plus 1mL, 5×106-1×107 plus 2ml,1×108 plus 3mL), and stored at -80℃, 


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                                                                                                    VH and VH Sequencing Result

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