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Single chain variable fragment (scFv) is a recombinant protein formed by splicing the antibody heavy chain variable region (VH) gene and light chain variable region (VL) gene through flexible linker. It is the smallest antibody fragment with antigen binding activity, with small molecular weight and strong affinity and specificity for corresponding antigens, It can be mass produced through genetic engineering technology. In addition, compared with ordinary monoclonal antibodies, scFv has the advantage of easy preservation.


  • Provide scFv single chain antibody, Fab fragment, Fc fusion protein and other recombinant antibody expression
  • high expression of prokaryotic protein and reduces the cost of antibody production
  • Transient transfection / stable transfection eukaryotic expression platform to meet the needs of a large number of antibody production



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Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing
protien/DNA sequence analysis


1-3 positive clones





mouse/rabbit monoclonal antibody preparation

12 weeks

antibody sequencing and vector construciton

2-4 weeks

Sequencing result

expression and identi  2-4 weeks

1mg antibody,purity>90%


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