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Dia-an   have been dedicating to  provide antibody &  kit preparation of small molecule in food safety, veterinary drug residues, human and animal disease diagnosis. Small molecules are hapten, only reactive, but  not immunogenic. We can analysis molecular structure and design proper conjugation route, to make  complete   immunogen for you.


Our advantages:


  • Rapid and safe detection of small molecular compounds
  • Competitive ELISA kit development
  • Detection of disease-related metabolic intermediates and monitoring of blood drug concentration


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Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing

Molecular Structure Analysis & Design

  2 days Analyisis Report  

Immunogen Preparation

Coupling small molecul with carrier protein 1 week    

immunize 4 rabbits

• Standard immune schedule includes 5 immunization

8-10 weeks

• 60 ml Anti-serum from 2 rabbits






Titer test

• indirect ELISA test

1 week

ELISA titer

Antibody purification

• Antigen affinity purification

1 week 5-10 mg antibodies per 10ml anti-serum



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    Case Studies


                        Conjugation verification by MASS                                                         Dot Blot of m6A antibody 







案 例 展 示


           Competitive ELISA test of  small molecule antibody


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