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 Diane biological uses M13 filamentous phage display system to directly fuse the single chain antibody gene with the 5 'end of the coding gene of PIII protein on the phage capsid, display the antibody on the phage surface during the formation of phage capsid, and obtain the phage displayed antibody library. Then 3-5 rounds of affinity screening for specific target molecules can enrich high affinity antibodies that specifically bind to target molecules.


Compared with traditional antibody preparation methods, phage display system has obvious  adv antages:  1 Large library capacity for high-throughput screening; 2. It can be selected in the natural bank, so as to avoid immunizing animals; 3. Hybridoma fusion is not needed, which greatly shortens the development time; 4. Antibody genes can be obtained directly; 5. Antibodies that can be produced in large quantities by fermentation; 6. Humanized antibodies can be obtained 






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  • The one-stop service from design to screening can connect eukaryotic and prokaryotic expression systems downstream, and can express a large number of antibody molecules in the form of IgG, VHH, scFv, Fab and so on

    Natural human antibody library, natural nano antibody library (including alpaca, llama and camel) and rabbit antibody library with diversity greater than 1010 have been built for direct screening by customers

    According to customer requirements, immune antibody libraries of multiple species and different forms of natural antibody libraries can be constructed, and antibodies in different forms such as scFv, Fab and VHH can be constructed

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Antigen preparation

Small molecule, peptide, recombinant protein, native protein can be used

4 weeks






Host: alpaca;llama and Camel

Naïve library can also be used for screening
0-8 weeks
Antibody Library Construction cDNA synthesis  B cell sorting, RNA extraction and RT-PCR to get cDNA。 1 week
phagemid PCR to amplify antibody gene and insert into phage vector 4 weeks
Library construction and identification

The antibody gene fragments are amplified by PCR and connected to phage vector

Identify the diversity and capacity of the library to ensure that the library capacity is greater than 108 and the correct insertion rate is greater than 90% 2 weeks

Antibody library  

Phage display antibody library is obtained by help phage rescue 1 week
Enriching and Screening After 3-4 rounds of panning, antibodies with an affinity of more than 10-7m were obtained. 3-4 weeks

Verification of the positive clones by indirect ELISA

1 week

3-5 antibody sequences will be given according to standard protocol. The positive clone delivers 3. If you need more sequences, please contact us

Realted Service Antibody expression According to customer requirements, scFv,Fab, VHH can be expressed by prokaryotic expression system; intact IgG molecules can be expressed by CHO / 293 cells.

Affinity assay


Epitope identification

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Nanobody enroching and screening

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