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Compared with mouse monoclonal antibody, rabbit monoclonal antibody has the following advantages: 1)  higher affinity and specificity; 2) more antigenic epitopes ; 3) more candidate positive clones; 4) Easier to humanize.

Our rabbit monoclonal antibody platform makes use of the advantages of rabbit immune system, to sort and culture rabbit B cells with high specificity and high affinity, to obtain antibody sequences, and to recombinant express the rabbit antibody with high success rate and excellent quality. The platform is especially suitable for preparing high-quality antibodies against difficult targets, such as modified peptides, small molecular compounds, cytokines, membrane proteins and other antigens with weak immunogenicity in mice.

Our service features:

● analyze target sequence for free, design immunogen with professional design software, and comprehensively select immunogen sequence;

● provide a variety of immunogens, including protein, peptide and small molecule activation and coupling;

● immunize animals with self-developed new adjuvants to maximize their potency;

● small samples of 5-10 recombinant antibodies can be provided for customer screening;

● large scale expression can provide 1-50mg rabbit monoclonal antibody


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Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing

Immunogen Preparation

• Recombinant protein expression 

• Peptide synthesis and conjugation

4 weeks

• Design report

• Protein sample





Immunization and Titer test

2-4 rabbits immunization
• Anti-serum titer ELISA test

8 weeks

Anti-serum sample

ELISA titer

Expression evaluation

• Single B cell sorting and culture
• Positive clones screening
5-10 clones sequencing

4-6 week

5-10 clones sequence

• 0.1ml culture supernatant per clone

Small scale recombinant antibody expression

• Expression vector construction
• Small scale recombinant antibody expression

• Antibody verification

4-6 week 5-10 recombinant antibdoy samples(0.1mg)
Large-scale recombinant antibody expression

Large-scale recombinant antibody expression

Antibody verification

4-6 week 1-50mg recombinant antibody



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•  The high-efficiency expression vector makes the protein more stable and with higher activity

         •  High-density suspended cells used as expression host


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