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Monoclonal antibodies are immunoglobulins produced by hybridoma cells against a single epitope. Their greatest advantages are strong specificity, high sensitivity and strong batch stability. In recent years, monoclonal antibodies have shown important research value in protein research, drug screening, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

Since its establishment, Dia-an has established a professional McAb production platform. With years of antibody R & D and production experience, the service processes of monoclonal antibody production, screening, purification and detection are upgraded in an all-round way, and the  success rate is very high. A total of 1000 + mouse McAb projects have been developed, covering diagnostic McAb, virus neutralizing McAb, virus subtype identification McAb, bacterial McAb, zebrafish McAb, plant chip McAb, Mycoplasma McAb, progesterone estrone McAb, vaccine matching McAb and drug screening McAb. With rich practical experience and industry-leading core technology, we  provide one-stop monoclonal antibody preparation services for enterprises and scientific researchers.


Our advantages:

  • Antigen including recombinant proteins, natural proteins, peptides, viruses, bacteria, small molecules and others
  • Small molecule antigens can be activated and coupled with carrier protein to make complete immunogen
  • monoclonal antibodies of mice, rats, rabbits and other species can be made
  • preparation of large-scale monoclonal antibody (above   1 gram   )
  • hybridoma sequencing, single chain antibody preparation, recombinant antibody expression and related services available
  • monoclonal antibody labeling, monoclonal antibody pairing and kit development available


  Service Details




Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing

Immunogen Preparation

• Recombinant protein expression 

• Peptide synthesis and conjugation

1-4 weeks

• Design report

• Protein sample

• SDS-PAGE result





Immunization and Titer test

5-10 Balb/c immunization
• Anti-serum titer ELISA test

8-10 weeks

Anti-serum sample

ELISA titer

Fusion & Screening

• Hybridoma fusion
• Positive clones screening
2 rounds of subcloning

4-6 week

1-3 ELISA positive clones

1-5 ml supernatant per clone

Antibody production & purification

• hybridoma culture
• ascites preparation

• Antibody purification

2 week 5-10 mg antibodies per clone
QC & subtype identification


antibody subtype verification

2 week project report





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mouse mAb against P. gingivalis              Mouse mAb against Fish Vasa                        mouse mAb against CD molecular

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