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Rat monoclonal antibody can avoid immune tolerance caused by antigen homology of mouse protein. Rat McAb has PM affinity and higher specificity than mouse monoclonal antibodies. Dia-an's unique rat monoclonal antibody system, fuses activated rat B cells with tumor cells, and screens positive high specific rat monoclonal antibodies. Large-scale production of rat monoclonal antibody (ascites preparation or cell culture) can be  obtained to meet the needs of scientific researchers or industrial customers.


Our advantages:

  • Rat monoclonal antibody can solve the problem of immune tolerance caused by antigen homology of mouse protein
  • Comprehensive antigen preparation platform
  • The prepared rat McAb has PM affinity and high specificity, better than mouse McAb
  •  Ascites preparation or hybridoma cell supernatant culture can be selected to prepare purified antibody
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Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing

Immunogen Preparation

• Recombinant protein expression 

• Peptide synthesis and conjugation

1-4 weeks

• Design report

• Protein sample

• SDS-PAGE result





Immunization and Titer test

4-8 rats immunization
• Anti-serum titer ELISA test

8-10 weeks

Anti-serum sample

ELISA titer

Fusion & Screening

• Hybridoma fusion
• Positive clones screening
2 rounds of subcloning

4-6 week

1-3 ELISA positive clones

1-5 ml supernatant per clone

Antibody production & purification

• hybridoma culture
• ascites preparation

• Antibody purificaiton

2 week 5-10 mg antibodies per clone
QC & subtype identification


antibody subtype verification

2 week project report





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