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With enriched experience in bacterial protein expression, Dia-an offers a custom bacterial protein expression service for the efficient and cost-effective production of proteins. Our experience show that more than 90% proteins we conducted were soluable.


Our advantage:

  • Evaluation report on gene design and codon optimization
  •  Expression and purification of 6xHis, TRX, GST, sumo, MBP and other tagged recombinant proteins
  • Optimization of vector construction and optimization of induction conditions
  • Subsequent processing, such asremoval, endotoxin removal, MS identification, biotin labeling, fluorescein labeling, animal immunity and other related services


  Service Details




Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing
Gene synthesis 

• Gene synthesis  and codon optimization

1 week

•Expression Vector





Vector construction

• clone cDNA into expression vector
• plasmid sequencing
• large-scale plasmid preparation


Expression evaluation

• transformation into proper strain
• small-batch fermentation
•SDS-PAGE analysis to evaluate protein expression


• Expression evaluation result

Protein expression and purification(1mg

• fermentation based on expression evaluation
• protein purification
  soluble expression-affinity purification
  inclusion body expression-refolding
• SDS-PAGE and UV analysis

2 weeks

• Feasibility report
• If expression is feasible, provide a certain amount of protein sample to the client based on the expression.
Large-scale expression and purification (optional)

• Flask or fermentation cylinder culture

• Affinity Purificaiton

• SDS-PAGE analysis 

Depend on scale

• Purified protein
• SDS-PAGE report
• CoA
  Our Promise  


● Dia-an provide a variety of E. coli expression strains, supplemented by different expression conditions to ensure soluble expression.

● combined with gene design, codon optimization, protein expression and purification, the purity of prokaryotic protein expressed is higher than 90%.

● provide protein expression service report, with sequencing report, induction conditions, purification conditions and SDS-PAGE identification results.




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