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Mammalian cells have the functions of protein folding and post-translational modification. The recombinant protein expressed by mammalian cells is closest to the natural proteins in terms of molecular structure, physicochemical properties and biological functions. Our experienced technical team can ensure that the expression of recombinant proteins and antibodies within contracted time, with the purity higher than 95%. With high-density suspension cultured CHO / HEK293 cells as host and the unique  expression vectors,  Dia-an offers a custom mamalian protein expression service for the efficient and cost-effective production of your proteins of interest.


Our advantages:

  • Gene synthesis  and codon optimization
  • 6xHis、 Fc、Flag、HA、Biotin tags expression vectors are available
  • Transient transfection of HEK293 / CHO cells, protein purification conditions and SDS-PAGE identification result
  • Subsequent processing, such asremoval, endotoxin removal, MS identification, biotin labeling, fluorescein labeling, animal immunity and other related services


  Service Details




Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing
Gene synthesis 

• Gene synthesis  and codon optimization

1 week

•Expression Vector





Vector construction

• clone cDNA into expression vector
• plasmid sequencing
• large-scale plasmid preparation

1 week

Expression evaluation

• transfection into proper host cellHEK293/CHO
• small-scale transfection
•SDS-PAGE analysis to evaluate protein expression

1 week

• Expression evaluation result

Transient transfection and purification(30ml

• transfection into suspension cultured cells
• protein purification
 • SDS-PAGE and UV analysis

2 weeks

• Feasibility report
• If expression is feasible, provide a certain amount of protein sample to the client based on the expression.
Large-scale expression and purification (optional)

• 1L Flask or fermentation cylinder culture

• Affinity Purificaiton

• SDS-PAGE analysis 

Depend on scale

• Purified protein
• SDS-PAGE report
• CoA



  Our Promise  


• The high-efficiency expression vector makes the protein more stable and with higher activity

         • High-density suspended cells used as expression host

         •  From sequence optimization, transient transfection, to protein / antibody purification and data sorting,  only 4 weeks



  Case Studies



     mCherry transfected 293 cells                                  eGFP transfected 293 cells      


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