New gel products | unique affinity gel products can be used in IP, co-Ip, protein affinity purification and other experiments

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        Wuhan dai'an bio launched a new series of affinity gel products.

     The newly launched flag ha myc affinity gel product has a unique use of Rabbit anti capture as IP. When doing WB detection, it is combined with a mouse monoclonal antibody for incubation and development, which can effectively avoid the interference of heavy chain and light chain. In addition, there is flag label purification kit, which can meet the requirements of eukaryotic protein purification, cell stimulation and animal injection.

       The flag tag (dykddddk) affinity gel was prepared by covalently coupling high-quality flag rabbit polyclonal antibody with Sepharose 4B agarose granules. It has high loading capacity (at least 1.2mg protein / ml gel), high specificity, stable properties and can be used repeatedly. It can be used for affinity purification and immunoprecipitation of flag labeled fusion protein.

       In addition, there is flag label purification kit, which can meet the purification of eukaryotic protein, for stimulating cells, injection of animals and other needs, welcome to consult and purchase! Professional antibody customization, please recognize Wuhan dai'an biology!



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